Brand new Suite Hotel for design lovers,

It’s a project designed to create an experience that meets the needs of different profiles, AT THE HEART OF THE ICONIC VIALE CECCARINI, WHERE TRENDS TAKE SHAPE AND SHARING GENERATES VALUE.

It offers multifunctional spaces suitable for business, relaxation, and leisure needs. A story yet to be written, the luxury of contemporary comfort with the customization of every service.

It’s the boutique hotel that was missing in the heart of the city, with a young and dynamic atmosphere yet featuring exclusive intimacy.

24 Suites and a bistro design available to guests, also open to the city. Buffet breakfast, unique cocktails, refined gourmet proposals that mark the passing of the hours. In our bistro, you can start the day, take an afternoon break, enjoy the aperitif, and extend it with the chef’s menu proposals, until after dinner, always overlooking the city’s most fascinating street.

We.Me Suite Hotel transforms the individual into a community, where every guest will finally feel projected into their vision of “beautiful and welcoming”.